The only thing you need to be concerned about is the filter’s flow rate, and whether it puts out a current that is too strong for a betta fish. Betta fish are carnivores. Males should also never be housed with a female unless they are breeding for short periods of time and then separated. Now I’m wondering should I put some live plant in it to keep the ammonia level low. Get on a regular feeding schedule, and follow these guidelines if you’re still unsure. To remove the chlorine, you can either fill up … But he seems bloated, and I stopped feeding him for a couple of days, but it hasn’t gone away. There is a food and feeding page on the website here, but first the tank is too small and will lead to health problems. Oh ok, glad you are working to correct that, and thank you for the additional details. If you use a Quick Start product to introduce healthy bacteria into the tank immediately, it will be a lot sooner. If it’s brown algae – not enough. Or is it just debris from feeding him freeze dried food? I don’t care for him to be the most beautiful, but I want him to be healthy. Thanks, Robert, I have my Betta male in round bowl with Betta heater low flow filter and 3 different live plants with gravel thermometer and seachem alert series for pH and amonia levels so I can keep an eye on it I keep him in my room on my dresser where I also have my TV and he loves to watch TV he lays on plant leaf and behind the filter so he can just be a lazy boy if I can’t find him I look behind filter facing TV and sure enough he is there he lets me know when he is hungry because he comes close to top but facing me he does lots of bubble nests and when he wants me to pay attention to him he comes to the bowl facing me and he will follow my finger traces or I will kiss the bowl where he is at and he swims real fast around and back to where I am at. A good brand is API, and is available at your local pet stores or on Amazon. The Ultimate Hermit Crab Care Guide: Habitat, Food And Much More…, How To Take Care Of A Box Turtle – Ultimate Breed Guide List, 15+ Best Freshwater Shrimps For Aquariums, Eastern Box Turtle Complete Care Guide: Diet, Habitat And More…, Carnivore (frozen/dry foods, granules/flakes), The common ones include fin rot, overfeeding, white spot disease, lymphocystis, and hypodynamia, Weekly water renewal (25%) and daily maintenance tasks. I responded to your email, but yes a 10-gallon would be fine – although I’d recommend a longer horizontal tank than vertical for a betta if possible. I live in India and here average day temperature is 33°C and night temperature around 28°C. The noise will not bother them. It’s not required, but it can aid their overall health. The most common issue is the infection that starts to develop after a cut. Non-filtered and smaller tanks require more frequent maintenance. Ph is 6.5. For food, you should feed 1-2 times per day, with 2-3 pellets per feeding, and take one day with no food (fasting). Let’s start by looking at how to correctly set up the tank. When can I use the blue moon light? I went ahead and purchased my 5th female betta and all is well. Moved my betta from a 3 gallons rounded plastic aquarium to a five gallon rectangle glass aquarium. We had a betta and made a handful of care mistakes that ultimately led to his death in about 9 months. Is that normal? Normally, adults should be fed twice a day. My best guess is that the female jumped over the divider to get to the male, if there was any space at all between the divider and the lid. Thank you, The absolute minimum tank size for a healthy betta is 2.5 gallons with the recommended size being 5 gallons or more. With that said, it’s totally up to you and isn’t required. i was/am still a prof pet sitter, at 18 hr. The pet shop owner said not to use any filter , just some dechlorinator and ph modulator which is also antifungal. The ideal habitat would be 5-gallons, filtered and heated with one or two 20% partial conditioned water changes per week. Aquarium decorations and plants must be chosen with care. Fin rot is downright tough sometimes, but the best cure for me has always been maintaining a clean tank and using aquarium salt in small doses during each water change. Wal Mart continues to sell them. That pH is on the low end and should be closer to 7.0. Do not clean an aquarium, substrate, decoration with soap. What exactly do i have to do.? Pinnatus Batfish or Platax Pinnatus – Ultimate Care Guide 2020. An ammonia flare up can be from using a habitat that’s too small, or from not having a proper nitrogen cycle established. You will need a 2.5-gallon or larger tank with a lid/cover. It’s called a Fluval Spec V and you can get it on Amazon here. He’s not bloated nor sluggish. When you take care of betta fish it will start recognizing its owner and even you can train it for pushing a ball through the ring. Betta fish are very active fish, which can make them fun to observe. Do not feed your betta other tropical fish food because they need a specific protein-rich diet. And don’t get nervous, it’ll be all good. Hi there! Male bettas are kept individually and do best in habitats of one liter (approximately a quarter of a gallon) or larger. You could administer some aquarium salt (not table salt) per its instructions and dissolved in another container of tank water first. You’ll need some test strips to monitor parameters. He came with some fin curling when I got him but its starting to get a bit worse in conjuction with the not eating. I love him dearly. For example, fin rot is common with these fish. He still has a little bulge on the back end where I think the swim bladder is. Thank you so much for your feedback and that’s awesome Meg. Feed him less for now, and only consider fasting again if things worsen. He is in a 3 gallon tank and is only a year old. He eats out of my fingers and follows my finger around the top and sides of his tank – it’s adorable and as odd as it sounds, I think we have a fun little connection! Hi There. Again, she was only about two months old. Check the functionality of filters, replacing media as necessary. Experienced caretakers, however, may purchase sick bettas to help save them from death and disease. Water cycling refers to the nitrogen cycle, and partial water changes are just removing a portion of the tank’s total volume. I want to make the best environment I can, but my knowledge about this is nonexistent. With our detailed and comprehensive article, you will be fully equipped to handle even the most intimidating maintenance tasks when it comes to Betta Fish. Use test strips to monitor water parameters. It’s a 3.5 gallon tank with a heater and digital thermometer. Do Not. Many betta owners get stressed wondering why their fish won’t eat, but in reality it’s usually from prior over feedings. He needs a heater ASAP. He has a heater, filter, hideouts, two silk plants, and one live plant. He is fed twice a day, but does not eat from the surface, preferring to nudge his food to make is sink and then torpedoing it as it floats to the bottom. That is not a suitable permanent long-term habitat for Tempest to remain healthy in, and you’ll also need a heater to maintain the right temperature. Is there anything else I can do. I always thought he liked to watch TV. I figured they would be more comfortable around each other if they grew up together as well. This is the temperature bettas are happiest and active at. However, fin rot can also be a symptom of other diseases. This is my first time owning a Betta fish and i just want to do it right, as i love fish. Upgraded 1 betta tank from 1.6-gallons to a 5.2-gallon aquarium, will be upgrading the kids’ betta tank as well!! My betta’s bubble nest has a brown tint to it, which is unusual. One of the biggest myths regarding bettas is how they can live just fine inside a tiny bowl or vase. Think of hiding places like their homes. Betta fish have been kept as pets in Thailand and Malaysia since before the 19th century. Females can live together in a “sorority” of 5 or more. Their distinctive mouths draw people in, who then fall in love with their personalities. Return your Betta to the aquarium. How do I start them off to make sure my fish and the plants are happy? What can I do with the filter? Plants won’t replace a filter, but they definitely do help. I’m excited because they are all in the same tank; so far so good… Is it safe to assume I will now need a filter? -Leave some space at the top of your tank for the fish to come to the surface for air. I got worried and bought today a 14 gallon tank with two live plants, but I know very little about tank maintenance. Missed him. He is about one year since we bought him. If you have test strips, make sure the pH is in the proper range, and that ammonia is not present. In their habitat, fish depend on natural circulation to take care of that. Our beautiful blue male fin “indigo” has been very lethargic laying on the bottom of the tank. This infographic contains most of the things you’ll need to remember in order to take care of a betta fish. Last check was at 7. They just pig all the food from the rest of the fish. As a betta owner, you should always be monitoring the health of your fish and watching out for any indicators of concern. Non-filtered tanks require 1-2 water cycles at around 25% and a full 100% water change each week (depending on water quality). Bettas can be bred in just a few inches of water but do not typically breed in community aquariums due to their solitary nature. Out of all the blogs, post, Aquarium shops say Im still not convinced. Success increases by adding community fish with bettas in larger tanks that have plenty of spaces to hide. I have a filter. I was wondering if this is normal or if I should be doing something else to clear it up? If so, where do I get the ammonia to run a fishless cycle? Yes, you can. Fin rot can also be caused by introducing bacteria into the tank. Being able to watch fish move through their aquatic world has been proven to reduce stress. What kind of (small) plants can I grow on top? Yes, I would have purchased a larger tank and one with a lid. Also: I do have a heater and the water is pretty constant at 78, I use the tetra betta safe water conditioner as well! He is a beautiful black orchid male (I think he is the product of some mixed breeding as I do not know if he’s a veiltail or not). Your email address will not be published. About 25% of the water in the tank should be renewed weekly to ensure that conditions are stable. Visit our complete guide to the best live and fake betta fish plants. I am worried about my last two betta fish, They’re acting a little weird. Do i still need to run a fishless cycle, or is it ok to skip if I get the water tested before I introduce the fish? They work in the store and did not know they sell Bettas. I forgot to tell you that my Betta doesn’t poop, or at least I haven’t seen him poop, all I see is thrown up balls of the food that I give him. You will need to choose the right tank, but you also need to know how to pick the right equipment, prepare the aquarium and set it up. Purchase an aquarium-safe thermometer to record the water’s temperature. Whenever adding new tap water, make sure to use dechlorination drops or spring water that has chlorine already removed. If you have a piece of plastic, you can drill holes lots of holes in it for air, that could work temporarily until you get a new habitat. How often to feed as the fish loves two pellets twice daily but I was told feed 2-3 x week…. I was giving him small amounts of the Omega One freeze dried brine shrimp for 2-3 days as he started to spit out his Tetra Betta Plus pellets. You could try feeding him a pea, boiled in water for a few minutes, and then remove the skin before feeding. Anyway, this page saved my fish, because I didn’t know they jumped so I went to cover his bowl and he had already jumped out we got him back in and he seems okay, and we put a sheet of plastic wrap with holes poked in it over the top until I can get a larger tank. I have him in a 3.5 gallon tank with a couple silk plants (that he loves resting in), a coconut hideout, and the Betta hammock. But today I’m noticing his waters a bit cloudy; not so crystal clear. I went out and bought medicines to treat it and she died a couple hours later. You can add a couple decorations, plants, or a leaf hammock, that’s a better habitat than emptiness. Hi Allison – my apologies for the delay in my response, your message got hidden. For more information on Fin Rot – please visit this page. This was heightened from selective breeding in the 1800s and is still a part of their genetic makeup. Betta fish are a beautiful and intelligent species of fish and deserve proper care. He doesn’t seem to be floating as much, but is still at times. Consider printing or saving it for future reference: The difference between female betta fish care and male betta fish care is very minimal. Hello Bryan. Thus, betta fish need specific food because they are carnivorous and like meat. It involves slowly adjusting them to the new water parameters and temperature. Please don’t overfeed . Betta fish will do … This is cruel and should never be done! Most tanks do not come with a heater, so you’ll have to purchase that separately. He still gets properly fed and the tank regularly cleaned. Part of betta fish care means regular feedings! I want to be a good fish mom to this little guy. P.S. Hey Alyssa, thanks for the feedback and glad you’re back to bettas. Hello Frances and A! Just like any other fish, a balanced diet can singlehandedly improve or completely deteriorate their health. Can the blue light do harm to bettas? His tank is plastic and hexagon shaped. I clean its tank weekly and feed it daily. Silk plants, non-sharp decor, and some gravel for the bottom. I conditioned the new water and got the tank back to his normal temperature and put him back in. Since the tank had become riddled with algea and the fish seemed to have died via a white fungus on his body, we cleaned the tank with bleach. Hi! Over time we can help reduce the prevalence of misinformation out there. Betta Fish Care. There digital thermonitor its at 77. She goes up to her and folds over in attempt to breed with him but he denies her. Our aim is to help educate anyone who wants to keep fish. You can purchase a fish tank backdrop image (scenic underwater photo) that you can tape to the back to reduce the amount of glare and cause of reflection. Females are generally much smaller in size, have less vivid coloring, shorter fins, and have a small white egg spot on their underside. Remember that anything you put into the tank influences the lifespan of your fish. You should be doing roughly one 20-25% water changes per week and a full change only as necessary. You and your site are very, very helpful and I am grateful for you. Do you think he will get used to it or constantly fight his reflection? Visit the FAQ library or comment below. I didn’t know what would happen to the fish if they didn’t get taken so that’s why I’m here now, trying to learn about these guys. Look at … I want to ask, I have a 10 gallon tank with a divider. Today there’s another one but smaller. Feed him sparingly while he’s cold, because his metabolism is very slow right now. This prevents any potential harm or death. The first step of Betta fish care and providing a safe home for your new fish is choosing the aquarium.