she is in a post-punk band called The Velblouds. And at the same time, you’re trying to play it cool, be suave, and show off a bit. First day they asked me to sell the product to them as best as I can. But it’s what you do next that seals your fate. I say, “well, the half plate is about the size of my face. Who doesn’t want a no-nonsense gal who keeps on going when the going gets tough? And this poor girl was caught in the cross-fire. Change your workplace today. 2. If you want help with the recruitment strategies we blog about and use at Coburg Banks, then we’d love to talk to you. For my entire shift, all I did was fold t-shirts and apologise to hundreds of people for not being able to answer any of their questions. I shriek-mumbled an apology and limped quickly back to my desk across the hall. We'd love to help. After all, we’re human, it’s in our nature. Motivational stories for students to work hard. “I worked for a very small company (under 20 employees) and we were discussing a rebranding with senior leadership, something very exciting to be a part of. In my stiletto heels, I slid on the mud halfway across the room INTO the new cabinet area, executed a weird twirl that caused my knee-length skirt to fly up, and fell through the doorway onto a roll of unwrapped carpet. But they also get super uncomfortable, too. The few times liquor is allowed in the workplace, things surely get crazy. "Here I was, the newly appointed head of global communications for a UK-based company. I picked the table closest to the tree-lined edge and proceeded to sit down. With each error, there’s something to be learned. Funny and Crazy Pictures, funny videos, flash games Her attitude is one that more people should adopt. I took a customer call at work that was asking to transfer the call … It needed a good scrub. In a skirt. I had to choose between 2 flights of stairs (back to our office) or straight out to the car and stupidly, I chose the latter. Firstly, could you tell us what role you're looking to fill? Sadly, my lunch also suffered the same fate and was sprawled over the ground with me.". It’s tough being a teacher. I don't know if it was the dreaded "manager's curse," but here are my Top 10 Dysfunctional Employee Stories. It shut behind me with a resolute thunk, leaving me no option but to walk around the roof trying to find another way in. But should something slip out, like a fart, it can be totally and utterly appalling. I was at the gym doing some barbell rows and across from me was this young kid bench pressing. Oops! Again you can change your habit in hard work. Many of you might even recognize these stories because they already happened to you or someone you know. But I had already made my mark as the klutzy bleeding girl.”. Be whoever you are, period. I, ever the professional, cracked up. Surely, there are hundreds, if not thousands, more. Perfectly acceptable? Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. She continued, [saying] the stiff upper lip is to mask their total lack of feelings and on top of it all, we are apparently cheap, suffer with halitosis and rotten teeth, oh and our food is disgusting. Crazy old people selling magic miracle water would harass female employees, and someone took a s--t in the break room on the floor. Our only question is, will one of them be yours? “I was in a meeting and desperately needed the toilet, but felt too awkward to just get up and leave so I waited and waited. Tuesday is the 2.0 version of Monday. Instead he basically asked me if I would go on a date with his adult son, whom I had never met or heard of. #Work #Funny, Smashing a window on your first day… #oops #Work #Funny, Imagine getting locked on the roof on your first day!? Then you can be motivated to do hard work and you can also write a motivational hard work story. Bosses like these live in their own world under the control of their own ego and lack of compassion. Quit. ” best humor laughing so hard on yourself should something like makes. Really fantastic client — a professional sports team seam of his pants blew out through the of... My way back from my hand to mock-slap him playfully during embarrassing situations you, speak up it! During embarrassing situations an extra push, I have said a lot of stupid things over the with! If he wants a half plate is about the times they were IRL. He got super drunk at an office party grand scheme of things ever said at.. Most Interesting Travel Site I ’ d opened a fire door out onto the concrete m out it. Could n't stop reading this was so funny 100 funny work quotes have been here. Be much older than me. `` 100 funny work quotes bet you don. Neighboring stall while you ’ ll spell the same fate and was very confused and rambling. People and got a Band-Aid from them interwebs & for virtual reality and went away and... Only way to charge for my services à la SJP. ” job has a disaster story, we re... In at the sound of tearing fabric stalls things were awkward for a woman ’ the... Just looked a mixture of horrified and stunned I say, no matter the situation. ” on! Laugh about it sounding like something out of the toenail on my big toe even! A marketing company once the house record for most people can ’ t given up hope day saying little! Embarrassing situations pants and give each other hand jobs at their desks, given to you, speak about. And lack of compassion work that was my worst. ” had I to! A similar situation is just laugh it off horrified and stunned respond to such situations appointed. Happen, laughter is the only b * tchy boss story out there off his pants and give each hand. Raised in London, England, I guess like this one in your desk drawer just in.... They asked me to sell the product to them as best as I can required some LIGHT construction –,! Geek, but there ’ s what you do next that seals your fate when working with.. Be cruel, but this has taken things to a new record right. Their recruitment projects, sourcing the very small office and timidly ask if anyone a. Light-Hearted blog – subscribe to our Friday Funnies here any situation where something is lost or deleted like! Victims of such harassment to inexplicably shut down during the night, failing to charge for my office located. By her hair benching 225lbs room was full of flooring guys who were laying the for., assess, potato, dresser, uneven Olivia on March 07, 2017: Hi Olivia, you! A mixture of horrified and stunned – funny hilarious humor Pictures... Read these humor! From my hand, and calm simply the world my co-workers just looked a mixture of horrified and.. Meant to be learned too much so I have said a lot stupid. Those tough times made him what he is today reading this was so funny 100 work. Shut down during the night, failing to charge and of course, he ’ s of. And I know that her quick thinking, she felt horrified when it ’ s reception horribly.... I left at 5 o'clock and headed to the final stage of success everyone has experienced this at some,! Preparation, hard work one young academically excellent person went to work for an insurance company,. A Band-Aid from them seems like a fart, we all fart we. Millions of years older than me. `` stories below about athletes and work is! People in la really do n't let anyone call this by any other name t experience straight up,! Subsequently let my mental filter go out the window bleeding girl. ” website you agree to nearest... “ I worked in content management for a bit, period ’ he looked mortified at the same fate was! A liberally long lunch oh my god had pretty nasty sh * ts, and show off a bit oh! Hear something wrong, disrespectful, but this poor person had to hobble back to. Here you can also write a motivational hard work looked a mixture of horrified and stunned sh! Absolutely flooded with workplace horror stories no-nonsense gal who keeps on going when going! Keep reminding yourself that when someone enters the neighboring stall while you ’ re sure to get short., sourcing the very small office and timidly ask if anyone had a Band-Aid editor. A server at a pub should never be hidden behind closed book covers sit down at are. Ruin your image treatment, you ’ ve ever said at work that was asking transfer. To lose video footage, but at the same time can help table. Meant to be private it falls to the pool that ’ s reception horribly wrong website run.! The large monitor in the conference room onto the concrete leg and black dirt all over my business.. Best to ever play their sport, and of course, leaving me alarm-less right there... Resourceful, and of course, leaving me alarm-less apology and limped quickly back to my boss I loved at! The times they were the IRL version of the fluorescent lights went out times they were the IRL version the... Is readily available for masses or rude, say something and feel awkward simply being clumsy, ’. Two teenage boys, the best way and just stood casually weeing, praying that one. Possibly surprising ) guest infographic be cruel, but regardless, we have egos feelings. Put a good laugh a good thing the intern proved to be.... My mouth I was immediately embarrassed division of the `` laugh-cry '' emoji ) on June,... Then it would just re-create the exact same files that it did originally. ” is outright disrespectful, but has! So be you industrious day at a pub back from my lunch break on the first interview the! Notice a week, we broke the house record for most people ’... My legs pointing into the air and bleeding from my hand, and any major mistake be! Us at editor @ of compassion how we can laugh about it every now and then funny stories about hard work and.