Because of that, when I take the picture of it, the photo is blurred. Quickly I realized that whenever I looked through the viewfinder, everything was blurry. Blurry viewfinder? Why can't I see bokeh in the viewfinder? I'm assuming that it is because some humidity got in but it is a very uniform blur and it doesn't really look like that. I thought it might have been the input source so I tried playing a video through it but its still blurry. Why does my sensor require frequent cleaning? At first, I tried to adjust some things, but then I checked the lcd and things looked fine. So ofcourse i tried to change the … its web that I found out on my back deck. On some cameras this … So today i got my camera, looked through viewfinder and its blurred. Re: why would my viewfinder be blurry? Why are objects far away inverted through a lens but not through the viewfinder? The first idea was to adjust dioptric wheel right next to it, but nothing changed. In reply to melanieh • Mar 4, 2007 You need to adjust the diopter slide just above the viewfinder to suit your eyesight. 2) Check your diopter, it’s the small button next to the viewfinder, turn it while you are looking thru the viewfinder until it you see sharp or clear. 3. Related. My lens is blurred both in pictures taken and in its viewfinder when zoomed in. It happened after I've done customization in manual mode (M). The camera was in perfect working order (until I got my paws on it) and the viewfinder was clear. DSLR cannot focus after short drop. i usually let my parents use my camera, they use it on auto mode, and the other they i heard they talked about something being blurry on it and said, oh yea that is okay. Like the Subject says, I have a Canon 600D or Canon eos Rebel t3i and i'm concerned because I cant find any information in the user manual or anywhere on the net about whether I should see a clear image through the viewfinder of my camera when no lens is attached. I'm having trouble with (what I believe to be) my viewfinder When I look through the camera and use AF for the picture, it looks slightly blurry through the viewfinder but the picture comes out clear. One of the most popular questions I receive from other photographers is, “Why are my images blurry?” Out of all the questions I get, this one is the most troubling, because 9 out of 10 times, it’s the same reason – missed focus. When I look at the viewfinder and I zoom in, the subject at which I am looking at through the viewfinder becomes blurry. 8. I again looked through the viewfinder and noticed that all of it is fuzzy and blurry… in Canon EOS Digital Cameras. If the AF button is cut off in error, looking thru the viewfinder will be blurry, until you manually focus the lens. I just bought a new nikon d3200 camera and it turned out that it came with really blurry viewfinder. 9. OMD EM10 viewfinder blurry Hello m43, I have been using my EM10 in Thailand over the past few weeks and just noticed that over night the viewfinder is completely blurry. Why is the viewfinder blurry on my Nikon D3200? Registered members may log in to forums and access all the features: full search, image upload, follow forums, own gear list and ratings, likes, more forums, private messaging, thread follow, notifications, own gallery, all settings, view hosted photos, own reviews, see more and do more... and all is free. However, I managed to remove the viewer and circuit board, traced out the wires, got it powered up and a signal to the unit but it is very blurry! 31. The view through my canon 100D viewfinder is blurry. 1.
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